About Puravipalaya Mahaan Srila Sri Ponmudi Swamigal

Message from the Higher source: Kodi thatha:

As we ventured into creating this website with wealth of information about Kodi thatha, we were guided into this journey of introducing Kodi thatha to the web world in a very specific manner.

For our earnest question about who he is, Pat came the reply from the living mahaan,

Kandadhai ellaam ezhudhuvadhu alla kodiyin kuralzh
Kaana Kaana ezhudhuvadhe kodiyin kuralzh


Do not write about whatever you come across or whatever you think is right . Write meaningful experiences of yours with Kodi thatha alone. That is more valid than simply filling up the pages. This is Kodi’s philosophy he says.

Kodi thatha has clearly given guidance to introduce him to the world through the eyes and experiences of the seekers and not just to spew out the here-say knowledge about Kodi thatha.

The power of truth could be experienced by one and all, if and only if the words carry the original feelings and experiences with it.

Raamarkku thandhai dasaradhan endru theriyum

thathakku thandhai endru yaarukku theriyum

Endha nar thaai petredutha magano

Endha sangil paal kudithavaro

Endha mannil pirandhavaro

indha boomiyil thavazndhavaro

vinnil pirandhavaro

mannil pirandhavaro

Aanaal kadalil, dhanushkodiyil udhithavare

Engalai kaakka vandha puravipaalaya mahaane

Nee suttriya oor ennavo

engellam irundhaayo

angellam un vaasam

vaasam seyya vandhavare

ennai vasiyam aakki kondavare

etthanai thuyaram kandaalum,

nee ethanai thuyaram kandaalum,

engalukkaaga poruthaayo,

engirundhu vandhaayo

ennil irundhu kondu iyakkubavare,

imayatthil pirandaayo

un kanninaippol emai kaakindraayo,

karunaamoorthy nee allavaa

karunai kadale aanavare

enadhu thaayum thandhaiyum aanavare

vaari thandha vallavare

Thedi thedi odi poi thedi theduvadhe kodi

“odi odi odi utkalandha jothiyai

naadi naadi naadi naatkalum kalizndhupoi

vaadi vaadi vaadi maandu pona maandargaal

kodi kodi kodi kodi enn irandha kodiye …. “

“Siva vakya siddhar paadal”



The above message was given by the living mahaan, Sri la Sri Ponmudi Swamigal (alias) Kodi thatha himself to answer my desire to know about his past/poorvaashramam.

It is known to the world that King Dasaratha is the father of Sri Rama. Sri Rama was the avatar of Lord Vishnu. But it’s not easy to find out the past of a siddhar like Kodi thatha. Sastra says, Do not inquire the past of a Rshi or the starting point of a River. The purpose of siddha purusha’s stay in this world, is for the sake of ordinary mortals… they live in their bodily form after attaining what they need to, only to give back to this world, which they used for outgrowing their human form. So, as we ordinary mortals, have the need to approach siddha’s like him for our needs, why should anyone need to know his past, birth etc… Of what value has it got, to know his past?

Kodi thatha’s actual birth in the form of a Siddha – The form that we all are highly benefitting from, took birth only after his Tapas in Dhanushkodi. So he wants his seekers to know the truth about him from that point of his life time. Beyond that, nothing is of any significance to us indeed. The beauty that we enjoy by looking at a butterfly has got nothing to do with its insignificant past as a caterpillar right? Hence thatha went ahead and spoke the mind of an inquirer of his past in his message. He has asked several queries like, who knows who is the blessed mother of him, which blessed conch was used to feed him milk, which was the blessed land that he was born in? Did he even crawl like other kids? Was he born on this earth or born in the sky?

He just affirmed us that he got his current state of mind, a state of Siddha at Dhanushkodi !!!

As rightly discussed before, the living puravipaalaya mahaan has identified himself as Puravipaalaya mahaan from the next verse and has definitively clarified his purpose of stay on this earth, is to protect his devotees.

This living mahaan had spread his good vibrations and energy – his scent in all the places he had visited and stayed. He also captured and mesmerized many hearts during his travel. He had put up with all difficulties during his times of travel and visits to many places, only for the sake of his ardent devotees. We may not know his origin, but he is sure to operate from the hearts of his devotees and guide them in times of need. This living Mahaan gives us a subtle hint through his poem that his birth place is Himalayas. This living mahaan is an embodiment of love and he is an ocean of love who protects his devotees, the one who trusts him like the apple of his eye. He is certain to play the role of both the parents in his devotees’ lives and does not hesitate to pour his grace in abundance to the ones who surrender to him. Such are the qualities of Kodi thatha.

Kodi thatha’s grace is available for all those who are sincere seekers of truth, who have been in search of truth by running hitherto for a long while now. He says, he presents himself in front of such deserving disciples. He very much is an example of the old saying ” When the student is ready the teacher appears”..

The word kodi comes from the context that a single unit cannot make a meaningful entity. Millions of such units creates a meaningful substance in any matter. Like for example, as the Siva Vaakya Siddhar addresses Kodi Kodi – millions of people who are after the truth” Millions of red blood cells makes our blood , miilions of hair makes a hair style. Like everything is in multiples of millions. So, this mahaan deals everything at that level of millions. Hence his name is Kodi.

“Kodi Kodi Kodi Param

Kodi Kodi Kodi Sivam

Kodi Kodi Kodi Thavam

Kodi Kodi Kodi Gnanam

Paripoornam Ulagam poora

Ulagam poora Kodeeswarar

Ulagam poora Kodeeswari “

These above verses are his wonderful , profound blessings for the whole world. He is willing to extend himself and his grace to millions – Kodi. He is so compassionate that he wants millions of men and women to benefit and achieve the Divine’s grace in multi fold, that is in millions, Kodi.

The word’ thatha’ in his name does not signify or represent his old age. It is mentioned in his name for the purpose of ordinary mortals like us to seek many forms of his grace.

The word “tha” in tamil also stands for the meaning “Give”. So the words tha tha signifies” please give”. What do we seek from him? we may ask him the following:

Please give love, Give us grace, Give us riches, Gives us punyam, give us tolerance, Give us good character…

Give us millions of Vivam, millions of Yugam, millions of naasigal, millions of lives, millions of various lives…

he says one can approach him for seeking many millions like this.

That is why we call him /address him as Kodi thatha !!!

The very purpose of this trust is to execute the orders from Kodi thatha to best of each trustees capacity, in its truest essence. They are very clear as to, not to dilute the instructions from Kodi thatha in anyway. The first and foremost purpose of this trust is to execute Thatha’s order to serve Anna prasadam – Charity of Food to all the needy in three different locations : Dhanushkodi ( the place where he attained his Siddhis, Puravipaalayam( the place where shed his mortal form after living there for 30 years) and Tiruvannamalai ( the most powerful divine center in the world, whose spiritual powers are not known to many).

Kodi thatha, when asked by me, as to why he chose to proceed with annaprasadam?

Pat came the following reply:

Pancha bhoodathai iyakka koodiya sakthi – Iraivan.

Namadhu udambu Panchaboodangalal aakapattadhu.

Udal – Nilam, Rattham – Neer, Swaasam – Kaatru,

Udal soodu – Neruppu.

Idhai iyakkuvadhu Aagaayam – Degam.

Iraippai – ivatrai ellam iyakkuvadhu.

Iraippai niraithaal, eppadi udal thaanaga iyangugindradho, adhupola iraivanai kaanalaam.

pul, puzhu, poochi pondra ellaa jeeva raasigalilum iraippai irukkindradhu.

Adhai niraitthaal iravanai kaanalaam.

Iraivan engu vendumaanalum iruppaan.

Unnilum, ennilum, thannilum iruppaan.

Enn jaan vayitrai nirappinaal ettaa arivum kittidum.


It’s the God/supreme power, who orchestrates the movements of Pancha bhoothas.

The human body is made of Pancha bhoothas . They are:

  1. Body – Earth,
  2. Blood – Water,
  3. Breath- Air,
  4. Body heat – Fire,
  5. Human being as a whole body( which directs the four elements of nature) – Aagayam (The total atmosphere)

The Gastrointestinal region – Stomach is the guiding force for the entire human form.

The human body starts functioning on its own as soon as the stomach gets filled with food.
Similarly, one can see God automatically once we start to provide food to all beings that have a stomach. Almost all living beings have a stomach. When we feed them, the lord can be pleased and seen automatically.

When one feeds the needy, he gets the grace of the Divine and spiritual knowledge gets deepened automatically.