Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuhu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah

Gurur Saakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah !!!

Guru is verily the creator, protector and the destroyer. He is in fact the supreme soul and therefore I bow down in front of him with reverence and humility.

Theists and believers in Supreme power , in general agree that living beings have taken a separate entity in this world after having gotten detached from the Supreme Power/God.

And the purpose of life/birth is to reunite with supreme power and remain in blissful state of mind until we shed this form of body.

The Supreme Power/God is highly accessible by both the theists and atheists as well. The divine force is omnipotent and omnipresent. Still in order to make it more realistically accessible, comprehendible and achievable, certain beings who have already succeeded in doing so, with compassion, act as mediators and help their fellow beings to access God.

These beings, who have, in some form/path have accessed the divine energies and have enjoyed the bliss of re-union with the Divine, with loads of compassion for the fellow beings, share or transfer their experiential/ practical/ workable knowledge with them.

Traditionally, for ages, such beings have been labelled as Gurus and have been honoured for their commendable and selfless service to humanity on a particular day in a year, called as Guru purnima.

The first ever known Guru for humans was Vyaasa Maharishi, Son of Paraashara Maharishi. Rshis coming in the lineage of Vyaasa Maharishi and All Siddhas are honoured on the day of Guru Purnima. Shankaraacharyaas, Lord Buddha, The planet Jupiter/Guru are also commemorated on this auspicious Guru Purnima Day.

The word Guru is a sanskrit word and its derived from two sanskrit words ” Gu” which means darkness or ignorance and “ru” meaning removal. A guru is a person who helps to remove darkness from our lives. Thanks giving day and the most auspicious day for initiations into spiritual lines/ sanyaasa ashrama is the Guru Purnima day.

According to Yogic traditions, Lord Shiva is the very first Guru who had transmitted the secrets of Yoga to Saptha Rshis.

For all Siddhas, Lord Muruga is the First Guru, who transmits the secrets of siddhis, tantras, mantras and self realization – mukthi.

It’s an incomparable and most profound journey , where the Guru leads you from Darkness to light, from visible to the invisible, from the material to the Divine, from the ephemeral to the eternal and from transient love to permanent love.

A guru is literally the visible God to a human eye, who removes the veil of ignorance and shows him the path to Self-Realization. Paying tribute such an important person in our lives, a thanks giving day is the Guru purnima day. Gratitude brings grace to us in multi-fold. Hinduism believes in worshipping Gurus even before worshipping the God, because one attains knowledge of God through the Guru only.

  • Dhyaana moolam Guror murthih, Pooja moolam Guror paadam,
  • Mantra moolam Guror Vaakyam,Moksha moolam Guror Kripa.
  • Guru’s form is the object of meditation, guru’s holy feet are the object of worship
  • guru’s utterings are verily sacred mantras, Guru’s compassion is the door to liberation.
  • Guru purnima is the day of illumination. Hence it’s an apt to alight diyas/lamps in our houses.
  • It’s an ideal day to observe fasting/upavaasam and make resolutions for our spiritual inner journey.
  • Kodi thatha’s guru poornima is scheduled for 15th October 2018.

On this auspicious day, one can get the blessings of Kodi thatha in a very concentrated manner and can access his grace by participating in the annaprasadam event that is going to be held on this day. At least 5000 people are expected to turn up for accepting annaprasadam on this day. Also, its expected to happen throughout the day.

Thelivu Guruvin thirumeni kaandal
Thelivu Guruvin Thirunaamam Cheppal
Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvaarthai Kaettal
Thelivu guru uru sinditthal dhaane

– Thirumoolar