Puravi paalayam Mahaan Sri la Sri Kodi Swaamigal (Alias) Kodi thatha Thiruvadikke Sharanam !!!

” Enn Jaan Vayitrai Nirappinaal, Ettaa Arivum Kittidum !!! “

Living Mahaan – Puravipaalayam Sri la Sri Ponmudi Swaamigal (alias) Kodi thatha

A Siddha is permanently established in a state of freedom and joy. They happily bask in the ‘Self’ at all times, that they have absolutely no attachment to any outer desires.

Shiva Sutra describes a Siddha as :

“Siddah Svantantrabhaavah” – Shiva sutra 3.13 , Which means Siddhaas live in total freedom.

Highest goal of sadhana is to completely unite with the ‘Self’. A siddha (Meaning: Accomplished/Achieved) is said to have attained that state . So they enjoy complete freedom and are not bound by any external desires. A siddha enjoys this state of freedom from worldly desires and hence, can discharge their daily duties with much more clarity and joy. A siddha’s state of mind is highly contagious and the one who gets into their presence, invariably experiences the glimpse of eternal peace and calm that, the siddha had permanently attained through sadhana/tapas. These Siddhars may be compared to the Mystics of Western civilization. A Siddhar is a saint, mystic, alchemist, and doctor all at once. As they are capable of transcending time and space.

Kodi thatha  – A living mahaan, Spiritual giant is referred to as ” Siddhargalukku ellaam siddhar”. Which means, A Siddha, who is a Siddha to all other Siddhars. Kodi thatha is a siddha of highest spiritual order.

Kodi thatha decried puffery and safely kept off from all kinds of ballyhoo. He was hardly known to handful of people while he was living in a human form. He detested crowd and had always tested the sincerity of devotees, before lending a helping hand. Material gains/ Money was never a botheration for him . Eating and sleeping were also, a not- so-essential daily activity for Kodi thatha. He was found to be without food and water for several days also.

A siddhar, being a mystic, realizing the vastness of being, source in their capacity to transcend mind, time and space , to bring this blessing to improve and benefit humanity. Kodi thatha, a great siddha purusha readily presents himself in front of deserving devotees. An honest, genuine seeker is bound to get proper guidance and appropriate help through divine sources. Proper books, dreams or experiences also would guide such sincere seekers. Kodi thatha is one such medium, a guide who willingly provides guidance to mankind. He is one of the purest manifestations of god, who is full of love and compassion for mankind.

Humility and meekness is a result of spiritual advancements. It’s the quality gained by a truly surrendered devotee as a result of his true surrender to the God. Such a humble devotee can surely smell the spiritual fragrance ofKodi thatha.

Puravipalayam Srila Sri Ponmudi Swamigal (alias) Kodi thatha