Mother India abounds with Sages, Saints and Seers. They are of two kinds – Mukta Purusha and Siddha Purusha. Muktas are those who have realised their true identity the ONE Absolute Reality and could cogently expound their teachings – rationally and spiritually. Spiritual treatises emanate from them. Though Spiritually they soar far above many mortals, they conduct themselves in the day- to day life, quite regularly. Siddhas are genuinely, fully spiritually elevated; but they lead an abnormal life.
Their behaviour may be queer to the onlookers. They often possess siddhis ( occult powers), like thought-provoking, predicting the future, hypnotising and performing miracles. Even in their day-to-day activities like taking food, they may follow their strange ways.
For instance, they may eat enormous quantities of food at one time and go without food for long periods. Despite such abnormal behaviours, their bodies show no marked change, at all!

In showering compassion on fellow-beings, including animals, birds and plants, Mukta and the Siddha are identical. They love all beings equally and without a trace of!

The Mukta gives his wisdom teachings clearly and systematically, whereas the Siddha is content to help people in his queer methods, which may perhaps be beyond the understanding of logical minds. However for both,
helping the poor, the needy and the offering is spontaneous, natural and involuntary

KODI SWAMI - An acclaimed Siddha Purusha

Was living in Puravipalayam village in Tamil Nadu, and was well taken care of by a Zamindar( Owner of large land properties).

Twenty-five years ago, the wife of the Zamindar went to see the Siddha near Palani. He got into her car – he himself opened the door and sat in it . When he was brought to Puravipalayam and taken around the house. he saw every nook and corner of it and at the end, chose the corner of the upstairs verandah. He never got down from that place again! Since he repeatedly used the word ‘ Kodi’ he has come to be known as ‘ Kodi’ Swami.

Kodi swamigal attained samadhi on Oct 10,1994

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:18