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Referred as the land where ancestors wishes are satisfied when the pitru devathas **(ANCESTORS)** are fed, the curse from them is removed. Our beloved thatha says ‘ offering **annadhanam** at dhanushkodi is always special – the place where he stood and did penance for time immemorial.

Our beloved thatha, after his penance at dhanushkodi, on his own will went to puravipaalayam and spent his rest of the life in physical form. He attained siddhi at puravipaalayam and his brindavanam is also in the same place. Thatha is all pervasive and can be connected beyond logical means. By doing the annadhanam (offering of food) which he used to say as ‘ Kodi Kodi annadhanam’ in the place where he exists beyond physical form is of great and special significance.

Special place requires a special mention. Thiruvannamalai – one of the pancha bhuta sthalam where the lord himself lives in the form of siddha purusha. Our beloved thatha himself chose this place and started Annadhanam ( offering of food). Offering food to a devotee is equal to offering food for 100 devotees at Thiruvannamalai. Such is the power of this land. The significance of offering annadhanam in the night is – since in the noon there are many places which offers annadhanam, thatha wanted to have the annadhanam offered in the night by giving a light meal ( tiffin).

Kodi Kodi annadhanam all over the world is what thatha says always. Based on his divine guidance and instructions After starting annadhanam in dhanushkodi, puravipaalayam and Thiruvannamalai, Thatha went to Pondicherry and Pune and sat there to carry out his divine vision of offering food to the panchabhuthas. Pune is the land of Shirdi Baba. In the past, there were moments of divine experience for many of his devotees that Kodi thatha and Shirdi baba are one and the same. One of the devotee of Kodi thatha by the name ‘Amul Jain’ is sincerely offering annadhanam (offering of food ) daily on behalf of our trust.

Muthukumaran, from chinna kottai, Pondicherry has raised a temple for his beloved thatha **( Sri La Sri Ponmudi Kodi Swamigal**) and he offers annadhanam daily to the devotees who visits the temple.

With his divine blessings and directions, the annadhanam activities at these 5 places is happening with great support and no hindrance whatsoever.
Devotees who wish to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries can contribute according to their wish to be part of this divine offering.